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School education is a lot more than coverage of prescribed textbooks. modern education requires a proper environment for complete and comprehensive character development. This is achieved by providing a purpose built school with abundant play area to create equilibrium between educational andco-curricular activities. as our motto is exposure, experience, expression, we offer a complete character building and personality development program that commences at an age as early as two and a half. the lords international is registered with the educational department, affiliated to the board of intermediate & secondary education lahore, recognized as a registered participating institution for the international gce examination in accordance with the university of london. the lords is also affiliated to aga khan university examination board and registered with the university of cambridge. we are approved as a cambridge international examination affiliated centre for gce o levels.

Academic year in the lords runs from august to June about two hundred working days which is in accordance with the system worldwide. it gives us nine and a half uninterrupted months. we develop a curriculum that helps our pupils learn cognitive skills such as problem solving, logical thinking and mathematical concepts through exploration. we are using the books of best publishers such as oxford university press, macmillan, collins, pan pacific etc.

The Lords School System has its own purpose built campus with spacious well ventilated classrooms equipped with white boards and soft boards. the school has a science laboratory for students to enhance their knowledge of science, computer lab to meet the challenges of the 21st century, a library for young scholars to fulfill their thirst of knowledge and multimedia to provide audio/video support to the children, swimming pool to make our athletes physically fit. lordians are very lucky to have their own cricket and hockey grounds. they are encouraged to participate in different types of games throughout the year for their physical growth. Co-curricular activities are the integral part of education; at the lords, we conduct all types of activities for the grooming of our pupils; debates to speech contests, trips to festivals, tournaments to athletics, art competitions to music, religious festivals to fun fairs, workshops to counseling or anything you name. this is how we want to see our students confident.
Our students and teachers have proudly represented pakistan in numerous international events and achieved many laurels. we have a very active international school linkage program; where we have established strong links with schools in uk, india, and malaysia. the lords international is one of the pioneer schools in pakistan to win an international school award from british council for having international dimension in curriculum. While most of the schools are closed on saturdays, the lords international conducts so many activities to shape the character of its pupils, while other sleep; we awake and work hard on our students.

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