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Jams & Durra  is a family owned and operated company & the symbol of quality product. And Services Company starts his trading & marketing activity in the early 2004. Our motto to provide the quality products, after sale care, and consumer benefits first. We believe in doing things differently, offering people something new and giving real value of the money .

Operating in the Asia for more than seven years, Jams & Durra has expanded rapidly with well consolidated business lines, robust infrastructure and valuable human resources.
Today Jams & Durra is the controlling entity of a number of leading businesses in Energy like, Petroleum Products, Coal Biomass technology, Fashion branding, Food business and services sectors of the regional economy.
Jams & Durra proven track record is based on the ability to identify business opportunities that correlate with the organization’s core competence areas and execute business plans in the most optimal manner. Jams & Durra business decisions are made on the basis of well researched long term prospects and sustainability of shareholder value.
Jams & Durra over the years has consistently met the growing needs of the local population with regard to its product lines in an efficient manner through its well streamlined marketing and services system.
The group understands the nuances of operating under difficult and complex markets and has a competent personnel placed in these markets, managing heavy investments into infrastructure. Jams & Durra is replicating its own business models in successful regional markets in new territories, effectively increasing economies of scale and productivity. The company has proved to be an ideal business partner for multinationals wishing to launch their products in the markets.
In accordance with its aim to be a stable and quality oriented provider of products to its customers, Jams & Durra has established associations with leading principals and suppliers worldwide.
In a phased and planned manner, the company is poised for healthy growth in the coming years and is well positioned to consolidate itself as a pre eminent business house.

Since the inception of Jams & Durra Company nearly seven years back, the company has grown exponentially year on year to its present status as a pre-eminent business conglomerate spanning different continents.
It is not by coincidence that much of our success as a business is predominantly centered on Pakistan, Canada, and China Middle East. The fact that our policies have always been oriented towards making lives of people better, has resulted in the company being associated at the household level as a fair player.

This meteoric growth is a result of Jams & Durra resolve to perform with optimal efficiency in all areas that we are involved in  covering a well diversified business portfolio. This is no doubt ably facilitated by Jams & Durra key strengths in leadership, vision, capability and people.

The ultimate and most deserving beneficiaries of our success would be the Jams & Durra stakeholders. In this process Jams & Durra no doubt would be a partner in progress, aiming for greater heights in the coming years.

Contact: 03136844557

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